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Document Management

Simplify all your administrative processes in SAP Business One.

Secure and efficient document management in SAP Business One for SMEs.

Get ultra-fast access to all your documents companywide. Keep all your documents up to date and digitize, shorten, optimize and link all document-based workflows with Smartone. A document management software (DMS) that can be fully integrated into SAP Business One.

Administrative processes are significantly simplified and you automatically have an auditable archive both inside and outside your SAP Business One system. In its simplest version, Smartone  is an application with 2 icons for quickly archiving and retrieving documents:

- Invoices & credit notes
- Delivery notes, orders and shipping notes
- Email and other correspondence with clients and suppliers
- Contracts and HR documents
- Proprietary information
- Project documentation and quality documents
Smartdoc Search and Store

Smart document management with Smartone

Win time, space and money from day 1

Give your employees the right tools for storing and retrieving documents. No more hassle with manual work and less paper to keep track of. Smartone automates all repetitive but vital tasks.

One central archive for everything

Go beyond the possibilities of your ERP for document processing. We promise you one central archive for ALL business-critical documents (including e-mail, contracts, etc.). Complies with all legal requirements and GDPR regulations.

Super easy start-up

Smartone is an accessible and intuitive system. One hour of training is all it takes to get started. And best of all? You can keep all your existing processes.


Document management

Central management of all documents. A fully searchable archive.  Documents can be indexed manually or automatically.

Invoice recognition and automatic booking

Automatic processing of all scanned and digital invoices.  Conversion of invoices into UBL and processing in SAP.

Document and process automation

The automatic recognition by content or keywords automatically links documents to the correct process. Creation of automatic workflows and approval processes via the interface.

Legal archiving
Possibility of linking a life cycle to each document. The integrity of documents is safeguarded.  All actions on documents are registered for guaranteed traceability.
Smartdoc Search and Store

Smartone Finance inside SAP Business One: a fast and watertight accounting process


  • Smartone Finance makes it possible to easily and quickly access all documents from the various SAP Business One screens.
  • The documents can be displayed in lists and via handy previews you will immediately find the correct information.
  • Via Smartone Finance, invoices can also be interpreted and an automatic booking recommendation can be created. The integration of document management and SAP Business One makes workflows faster and more efficient.
Personal dashboards
Personal Dashboards
Ultra-fast search
Ultra-fast search​
Archives visibile in SAP B1
Your archive visible in SAP Business One
Outlook integration
State of the art outlook integration

Learn what document management can mean to your business

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Business Solutions


Improve margins, reduce errors, and drive more profitable decision-making with a complete set of tools for streamlined financial operations.

Manufacturing, Production and Warehouse Management

Schedule manufacturing or production orders, simulate the planning and dispatch, monitor work. Control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods.

Integration & Subsidiaries

Work in a single environment to manage simultaneously different branches or companies. Integrate seamlessly with SAP running headquarters.

Integrated Project Management

Take full control of your project, from quotation, purchase and execution to final payment. Make efficient use of all resources and take advantage of real time project controlling with MARIProject.


Use the perfectly fitting solution for regulatory compliance. Take advantage of a well-executed security model to pass SOX audits.

Customer Service

Plan, execute and bill maintenance services and repair operations with MARIProject.

Document Management

Manage all your documents in one archive and simplify all your administrative processes. Take advantage of secure and efficient document management in SAP Business One for SMEs.

Consumer Products

Align every aspect of your operations to the needs of consumers. Anticipate, plan, and manage demand for innovative consumer goods and products.


Increase visibility into every aspect of your operations, effectively run daily operations, manage your production as well as your profitability.

Pharma & Life Sciences

Meet criteria and standards established for your field. Rationalize operations and deliver approved products to the market, while respecting the strict mandates of the industry.

Wholesale Distribution & Logistics

Improve demand planning, inventory and supply chain management. Run flexible and tightly integrated processes to achieve operations excellence.

Other industries

SAP Business One improves the control of all sorts of business processes. Processing times are shortened, supply chain costs and inventory costs shrink, customer focus and service are increased.

SAP Business One

Industry-specific ERP solutions

Take advantage of extensive industry-specific functionalities, best practices, and processes with tools designed for small and midsize businesses.

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